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  1. Theme is open to interpretation.
  2. Many students struggle identifying the theme of a work. The theme is always open to interpretation. While you may have a different answer than someone else, you may both be right. This doesn’t mean that everything is correct. The theme you choose needs to have a solid argument that acts as a basis for your essay.

  3. Use key words.
  4. Make sure you integrate course work. The point of a literary analysis is to see if you are able to apply course knowledge. If your teacher taught you about points of view, then mention it. If you are analyzing a poem, discuss the structure.

  5. Structure matters.
  6. In poetry, the syntax and word choice is just as important as the symbols. In narratives, syntax and word choice can still be important, but they often take a backseat to characters and symbols.

  7. Everything has meaning.
  8. Many people like to say that English teachers overanalyze literary works to the point of taking mundane things out of context. The truth remains that classic literature becomes classic because it is profound to a large amount of people. The general rule for literature is that if something has the possibility of meaning something, it does.

  9. Mention the theme in your thesis.
  10. You should mention your theme multiple times during your essay, but it needs to appear at the end of your introduction and in the beginning of your conclusion. If your thesis does not clearly state the theme of your analysis, then your professor will take points off.

Remember, writing a literary analysis is about proving your understanding of the course rather than getting a set answer correct. Your writing should provide insight for you and the reader. If you follow these five steps, you can write a literary analysis essay that both you and your professor are proud of!

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The Best Way to Write a Winning College Entrance Essay http://www.grrlstories.org/14/the-best-way-to-write-a-winning-college-entrance-essay.asp http://www.grrlstories.org/14/the-best-way-to-write-a-winning-college-entrance-essay.asp#respond Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:11:14 +0000 http://www.grrlstories.org/?p=14 Read More]]> You only get one chance to make a first impression. The first time your dream college will learn about you is through your entrance essay. The people in charge of your future will decide whether you have what it takes or not based on your paper. Don’t let that opportunity slip past you by turning in a half-baked article. By using a few simple strategies, you can ensure that your paper is as persuasive as possible.

  1. Begin as Soon as Possible
  2. Putting things off to the last minute will only hurt you, so start writing down words now if you can. A perfect paper isn’t going to pop out of your head, no matter how long you wait to write it. Save yourself stress and energy. If you write fast, you can get to editing as soon as possible. Great writing comes from careful editing. Before you read any further, jot down a few stories you’d like to tell and points you want to make in your essay. Time is your most valuable resource – don’t let it go to waste.

  3. Keep Your Paper Focused
  4. Don’t feel like you need to cover your whole life story in your paper. Overstuffed writing tends to lose readers. It’s best if you choose one overarching idea and pick a handful of examples to back it up. Digging deeper into one story beats listing a dozen different life events. An in-depth approach is the difference between a resume and an essay. Remember, admissions professionals read piles of papers per sitting. They can only walk away with one big idea from each paper. Choose your concept and stick with it.

  5. Write Honestly
  6. Many applicants feel the urge to lie about themselves in their writing. The number one reason for this is a feeling of inadequacy. Most people believe they aren’t impressive enough on their own. Turning to lies out of self-doubt is a mistake. You want to present yourself in the best light possible, but you don’t have to lie to do this. You’ve lived long enough to have at least one inspiring story, so dig deep, find what you need, and polish it up. If you find yourself stumped, try to talk to people who know you. You might find that people are more interested in you than you think.

  7. Get Help Polishing Your Paper
  8. If you aren’t the best writer, you don’t need to panic. Not everyone excels at writing. That doesn’t mean you deserve punishment for common writing mistakes. You can avoid trouble by getting help. Teachers, volunteers, or professional writing companies can all assist you. There are many people out there who would be happy to read your writing and give you pointers. Even award-winning writers rely on their editors to produce professional-grade work. Never mail your essay off until you’ve shown it to at least one trusted advisor.

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