What Is The Fast Food Culture Doing To Us?

April 10, 2019

Beginning in the early 1900s with White Castle, fast food has evolved over the years. Although the concept of burgers has remained intact with almost all fast food chains offering them, the menu as well as the concept has diversified. The initial fast food restaurants opened in a bid to provide people with clean burgers that they could see being cooked right in front of them. Now, however, fast food is a life style choice.

Why And How Fast Food Caught On?

Here are reasons why America has become a fast food nation:

  1. Fast food is yummy and yes, it is reason enough for the trend to catch on.
  2. It is cheap compared to other dining options.
  3. It is quick. You do not have to wait forever in line. Whether you use the Take Away facility or dine in, 2 minutes is all it takes.
  4. It is easy. It is convenient for a parent who just came back home after a long day at work to just buy these quick and cheap meals for their children instead of having to make a meal at home.

The Effect Of Fast Food

Fast food is perhaps the most popularly consumed food in all of America. For this reason it is also known as the fast food nation, well because the concept of fast food took birth there too. However, it has had a lot of negative impacts. America is one of the most obese nations in the world as a result. Unfortunately, it does not stop at this. People who consume fast food very often are at a greater risk of heart diseases, Type 2 Diabetes and Peptic Ulcers. Moreover, it does not cover all food groups and hence, do not provide with complete nutrition.

In addition to the high amount of fats, fast food also causes stress. It has high cholesterol content and spikes the blood sugar level. One of its gradual impact is also shortening of breath which can lead to other illnesses such as asthma. Moreover, it can cause bloating because of the salt content which makes the body retain water in the body for longer periods of time.

One of the worst impacts of fast food is the disappearance of family time that was a given during meal times. With these quick and easy take away’s, now you can eat and drink whenever, wherever. Thus, this fast food nation needs to change its ways for a healthier future.

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