Best Advice On Choosing Cause And Effect Essay Topics On Sports

May 27, 2019

The best advice I can give when choosing a sports topic for your cause and effect essay has to do with timing. It is easier to grab someone’s attention if you choose something that others would want to talk about with their peers around the water cooler the next morning at the office. Your topic should be from a sport that is currently in season. Another factor that a student should think about is how much he enjoys the sport. Writing is so much more fun and meaningful if I love the sport. Another thing that is important is that I am familiar with the sport. It would be much more difficult if you attempted to choose a topic from curling than if you were choosing Yankees baseball. So far, my advice would be to choose a topic of a sport that is in season, that I enjoy and that I have knowledge.

Cause or Effect?

Now that I have chosen a sport, I can decide on whether I want to choose to focus on the cause that led to the effect or do I want to focus on the effects happened as a result of a particular cause. Choose something interesting to write about. Enjoy what you are doing. Put some real thought into your writing instead of just doing your homework to just get it done. Choose a topic those results in an emotional stirring in you and your reader. An example might be: How a bad call by the referee caused our basketball team to lose the game. Everyone is probably still upset about that and writing about that. You will do so much better on your essay if you have a passion for your topic and you choose something interesting to write about.

Get Emotional

Now you have chosen the sport and chosen your topic and whether you want to focus on the cause or the effect. Now you have all the tools necessary to blow your readers away. You have the power to make real change with what you write. Writing can be very powerful if you can bring out an emotional response in your reader. You will get such satisfaction when you see someone pick up your article and become engrossed in the story. You have such power once you realize you can cause emotional stirrings in your reader. Who knows, after seeing someone loving your writing may be a turning point in your writing career.

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