How Do I Write An Essay About Comparing Myself To A Thing?

June 7, 2019

Essay topics are frequently assigned to students of all subjects in both high schools and colleges. As the standard progresses, so does the level of difficulty and technicality, surrounding the writing. The student must learn how to adapt his or her writing style, according to this level, if he refuses to pay for essays. The topic provided is the clue on what shall be expected of the student in terms of writing the assigned composition.

Using similes and metaphors

If the topic states that the student needs to compare himself or herself to a thing, it means that the entire essay, in general, needs to be either a metaphor or a simile. A metaphor and a simile are both literary devices, used for the purpose of comparing one object to another. Although they are quite similar to one another and are often very hard to distinguish, metaphors are not the same as similes. A metaphor involves directly equating a particular object with another, whereas, a simile attempts to show the similarity between two very different things. Both, however, need to be justified in order to make the comparison stand.

Choosing the object of comparison

  • In a topic where the student needs to justify how he or she is similar or equal to another distinct object, the object, in question, needs to be chosen very carefully. The things to make note of are:
  • Whether the comparison can be justified easily by the student.
  • Whether other students are choosing the same object, more or less, in which case, the uniqueness of the composition becomes bleak. Students must always endeavour to try and think out of the box.
  • Whether the comparison can be eloquently framed, as per the guidelines of composition writing.

How to make the writing appear unconventional

As mentioned earlier, if the composition appears unorthodox to the teacher or professor reviewing it, the student has a higher chance of scoring more marks. This can be done in a variety of ways. Since composition topics are usually open to interpretation, the student has the liberty to try and exercise his creative prowess through his writing.

Sorting out what to write

It is a good idea to try and list all the points that the student wishes to incorporate in his or her composition prior to starting on it. This makes it easier to actually write the composition without having to interrupt the flow of creative juices that will inevitably take over the student while writing.

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