Creative Hints For Composing A Winning Essay About Music Lovers

June 13, 2019

Music is good for the soul. There’s something about those who love music more than others that makes them seem more intelligent. We’re here to give you hints on what points you can include in your essay about music lovers.

Passion: Generally, those who are deemed too obsessed with music are actually just a lot more passionate than others. Music instills appreciation into you; appreciation of good music, of company, and of everything that makes you happy.

Medicine: Countless studies have found music to have healing as well as soothing properties. For instance, there’s one experiment that was done on two cows, one was subjected to acoustic piano music, and the other was not. The results were more produced milk from the one in the soothing musical environment. So scientifically, music is proven to be good for you.

Music brings people together: There’s nothing more diverse than a concert arena. It’s basically where people forget about any differences there might be and just enjoy the music together. Even if it means moshing in some concerts.

Motivation: Have you ever tried to speak with a member of a local band? Their optimism is usually out of this world. Musicians just seem to be a lot more motivated than you’re usually used to. It’s what music does; it’s what doing what you love the most does. Usually, bands aren’t even after the money as much as they’re after the positive feedback they get when they perform around the globe.

Inspiration: No matter what your dreams are, you always have a musician as one of your idols. Sometimes it’s not even the music that impresses you; rather, the energy the musician is able to transfer to you through their music.

Expression: Sometimes you meet a person you think is okay, but then you change your mind about them when you find their music taste, in your opinion, repulsive. Why does it matter? Because it says something about them. It doesn’t just tell you this person likes contemporary pop music, for example. It tells you they like to follow trends; they’re easily entertained, they like shallow lyrics, etc.

Self-expression: If you’re having a really bad day, nothing feels better than grabbing your musical instrument and playing tunes for hours. It lets you express yourself, how you feel, and it’s a great way of diffusing negative energy.

Those were our ideas on what you can include in your essay. We hope you found the article helpful. You can come back for more tips on other topics.

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