Advice From An Expert On How To Create An Essay On Smoking

July 5, 2016

Smoking is one of the most common topics that students are asked to write their essays on. It isn’t surprising since this is the issue of strong social concern and everyone should think of it sooner or later. To create a good paper on the topic, you should scrupulously follow all of the assignment details. Namely, pay attention to what type of writing you’re required to produce and how long your work should be. If you have difficulties with this, then contact essay writing service.

What Essay Type Should You Produce?

Read the assignment details to understand if you should create a cause and effect or an argumentative piece about smoking.

  1. Writing an argumentative paper.
  2. In an argumentative work, you’ll need to argue against smoking and persuade your reader that this habit is harmful both for smokers and the people nearby. You should strongly express your opinion of the problem and make others see things from your perspective.

  3. Writing a cause and effect piece.
  4. Cause and effect papers are expository by their nature, which means that you should objectively inform your reader about the causes and effects of smoking and no opinion of yours is required.

What Should You Do to Craft a Strong Essay on the Topic?

  • Do research.
  • Collect the evidence related to the topic. Search for the facts, quotations, and statistics about smoking.

  • Formulate your thesis statement.
  • Your thesis should clearly and precisely express the main point of your paper. The way you articulate it will depend on the type of paper you need. Namely, it’ll state that “it’s harmful to smoke because…” in the argumentative piece. It can also sound like “there are different causes as to why people start smoking” if this is the cause and effect project.

  • Develop an outline.
  • A preliminary outline is a must for any academic paper. It will help you effectively distribute evidence among the body paragraphs and create a well-organized essay. Your argumentative paper may consist of three body paragraphs, each containing three strong arguments against smoking. A cause and effect paper may contain the paragraphs devoted only to causes (e.g. imitation, stress, curiosity), only to effects (e.g. negative and positive effects on health), and both causes and effects.

  • Write the paper.
  • Introduce your topic on a strong note by providing a striking fact about smoking. State your thesis in the introduction as well. Follow your outline when writing the body. Use appropriate transitions between the paragraphs. Summarize your points and restate your thesis in the conclusion.

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